When a VPS or dedicated server does not include full server management, it is referred to as an unmanaged server. Unmanaged servers are a great option for customers who are comfortable with the Linux command line or configuring Windows Server, and have the knowledge to properly secure and optimize their server. Root/administrator access is provided, so customers have full control over their server. Unmanaged servers do not include our 24/7 proactive monitoring service, so it is the responsibility of the customer to track uptime and handle software related issues that may arise.

During the initial server setup, Umbra Hosting build technicians will install the desired operating system and apply any security updates. In addition, if a control panel such as cPanel was ordered by the customer, Umbra will install this as part of the build process at no additional charge.

What if I can’t fix a server issue myself?

While unmanaged does mean unsupported, we still want to help get your issues resolved. If there is a hardware issue, we will repair or replace the faulty component at no charge. Software issues at a system level are usually quick fixes. If we run into software issues that are due to specific user configurations or third party software, we will offer advice and suggestions on a best-effort basis. Under certain circumstances, we do bill an hourly administrative fee for these issues.

If a server needs to be rebuilt, this can be performed during first shift hours for no additional fee.

We also offer a KVMIP solution that allows you to pilot the server remotely to resolve or rebuild the server yourself. We offer the KVMIP solutions for free for the first hour, after which a nominal fee is charged.

Can I add full server management to an existing server?

Because of server security and stability concerns, we are unable to convert an unmanaged server into a managed server. To add server management, the server needs to be rebuilt according to our specifications. On the contrary, we can remove server management if you decide you want to remove our fully managed service.

For more information about server management, see What does fully managed mean?

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