CyberLynk Network, was founded in 1995 as a local Internet Provider in Racine, WI providing Dialup/ISDN/T1 Internet Access and Website/Email hosting services. Since our inception CyberLynk has grown to be a full service Internet Service provider that has thousands of customer’s world-wide and offers one stop shopping.

We specialize in providing shared hosting services, managed/dedicated servers, spam/virus filtering, offsite data backup, T1/Fiber Internet Connections and collocation for critical business systems world wide. Our main datacenter is located in Milwaukee, WI and is wired right into the internet backbone with BGP routing and multiple bandwidth providers, ensuring the fastest possible connection speeds for all our customers.

CyberLynk offices and data center

Over 20 Years of Internet Experience and Innovation!


Our mission is simple: Provide our customers with reliable and cost effective Internet solutions that will allow the customer to focus on their core business.

Business Class Services – CyberLynk will never nickel and dime you to death. All of our services provide a flat rate monthly charge. The only time your bill will be different is if you upgrade your account. Our services are built for businesses that need reliable Internet related services they can depend on.

Additional Services – CyberLynk can provide your company with ‘One Stop Shopping’ to solve all your Internet needs.

Servers Not Overloaded – CyberLynk will never oversell a server like other providers. Our servers are built for speed and reliability.

Unbelievable Support – CyberLynk prides itself on hiring and educating the best of the best. Our engineers can troubleshoot any problem and provide answers within minutes. You will always get a qualified engineer when you call or email CyberLynk.

Been in business for over 17 years – CyberLynk has a proven track record of growth and innovation since we opened our door’s in 1995. Privately held CyberLynk continues to grow through a solid business and acquisitions of other Internet related companies.

A+ Rating with the BBB – The Better Business Bureau has been tracking complaints against businesses since 1912 and CyberLynk is proud to maintain an A+ rating with no complaints. CyberLynk goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied.


CyberLynk’s network is composed of only the best Tier 1 network providers and Cisco Routers. Our network features multiple, redundant fiber routes for maximum network reliability and BGP routing to send your data out the fastest route possible. All of our servers include at least 1Gbps Ethernet connection to the network we’ve built over the past 20 years with unmatched speed and network performance.Internet Speed Test – Milwaukee, WI Datacenter

Internet Speed Test – Milwaukee, WI Datacenter

This speed test is located in our Milwaukee, WI Datacenter and is capable of testing upload/download speeds up to 100Mbps. CyberLynk maintains a large network backbone using high-end Cisco switches and routers along with BGP peering with multiple providers to ensure the fastest speeds for all our customers