Umbra Hosting Infrastructure

A premium web host service is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. This is why we have chosen to host our clients’ investment in an environment that ensures the maximum security and the highest level of reliability. The Umbra Hosting infrastructure was built from the ground up with the most advanced and dependable technologies in the industry, thus giving us the ability to deliver a quality service that exceeds all expectations.

Our Data Center

Strategically located in the states of Texas and Wisconsin, our data centers are equipped with all the features needed to provide our clients with high quality web hosting solution. Two power feeds run through our facilities, while UPS and back generators are in place to keep your system thriving in the event of outages. Umbra Hosting prepares for the worst with extensive disaster recovery planning that guarantees the continuity of your business come rain, sleet or snow.

Top of the Line Hardware

The Umbra Hosting commitment to excellence can be seen in the server hardware we use to store data and power our systems. While some competitors lease their servers, we own our equipment and have invested in the best hardware money can buy. Your web hosting enjoys a near flawless performance thanks to servers optimized with energy-efficient processors and robust storage facilities that allow for easy scalability.

Our Network

Even the best server hardware falls short without a dependable network in place. Umbra Hosting’s ability to comfortably ensure reliable web hosting is made possible by a world-class network. Coupled with routing equipment manufactured by Cisco, multiple backbone connections from industry leading Internet bandwidth providers enable lightning fast access and blazing transfer speeds. These features result in superior performance the competition simply can’t match.