Security is a double-edge sword. No one likes having the web site or email compromised, but you don’t like getting locked out by our security systems. To "resolve" this problem, we have implemented a new system to allow customers to easily (and automatically) unblock themselves.

Customers can automatically unblock themselves

[four_fifth]The new system is very straight forward. If you believe that you have been locked out of your account for failed login attempts all you will need to do is log into our Customer Portal. When you log in the customer portal will automatically check if you are blocked on any of your active hosting or reseller accounts. If you are blocked, you will see the message to the right pop up. That’s all you need to do ! Your IP is now unblocked and you can once again access your web site or email.[/four_fifth]

Resellers can unblock their clients

[three_fourth]We’ve also implemented a new system for resellers to be able to unblock their clients. You can access the unblock feature from the "Support / Unblock IP address" menu from the Customer Portal. Once you are on the Unblock IP address page you can enter your customers IP and then click the search and remove button. This will then search all of your active reseller accounts and show you if the IP was blocked.[/three_fourth]
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We Love Feedback

Web site security is a necessary evil and we hope these changes make it a little easier to live with. If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us on twitter @UmbraHosting, on FaceBook or on Google+. You can also open a support ticket in our Customer Portal.

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