Several major changes coming to cPanel

In late June, 2023 there will be several major changes coming to cPanel for all shared and reseller hosting accounts. The first is the retirement of the Paper Lantern theme. The theme will be replaced by the new Jupiter theme. This will affect all shared and reseller hosting customers. The second is the retirement of Horde web mail. After the next update, RoundCube will be the only web mail option. This will affect a small number of our clients, as Horde web mail is not widely used.

Retirement of the Paper Lantern theme

The retirement of the Paper Lantern theme will affect how cPanel looks when you first log in. The new interface has a slightly different layout and new icons. This really only affects the look of the cPanel home page, all the functionality and sub-pages remain pretty much unchanged.

Below is a screen shot of the new Jupiter cPanel home page

cPanel Jupiter screen shot

Retirement of Horde web mail

cPanel has chosen to no longer support Horde web mail. If you are currently a Horde web mail user you will need to start using RoundCube web mail. Any contacts and/or calendars that you have setup in Horder should be automatically converted to RoundCube. The change from Horde to RoundCube only affects the look and feel of web mail. It does not affect any of your mail or folders that you have setup.

We’re here to answer any questions

If you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please feel free to open a ticket in our customer portal ( or email