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OpenVZ vs. Xen

Umbra Hosting offers both OpenVZ and Xen based VPS servers. Both options utilize the same VPS management control panel but the underlying virtualization mythology. Below you’ll find a brief explanation of each of them.

OpenVZ is a container based virtualization for Linux. All virtual servers on a OpenVZ node share the same kernel. OpenVZ only supports Linux based operating systems.

Main Features of OpenVZ Virtualization:
  • Full root access
  • OS-level virtualization
  • Only supports Linux
  • ‘Burst’ RAM when available
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Xen is a para-virtualization platform that acts with the same characteristics as a dedicated server. A Xen VPS runs it’s own isolated kernel and has fully dedicated memory and swap space. Xen servers can run either Linux or Windows.

Main Features of Xen Virtualization:
  • Full root access
  • Supports Linux and Windows
  • Resources are fully dedicated and private
  • Swap Space
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VPS Control Panel

The VPS control panel gives you full control over your server. Reload the operating system, boot, reboot, shutdown, access the console all just as if you were sitting in the datacenter. View logs and statitstics to track system reboot and shutdown events along with traffic statistics.

VPS Screenshots: