Server Status

All Umbra Hosting servers are monitored from three independent monitoring systems. The first system is an in-house monitoring system which checks the servers every minute. Technicians are automatically notified after two successive failures. The second system monitors the servers from outside out network. This monitoring system helps detect network issues outside out network. The final system utilizes the UpTimeDoctor monitoring service. This is a 3rd party service that we use to monitor our uptime. HyperSpin monitoring is posted monthly on our blog as well as being shown inthe “Uptime” column below.
bck N/MActiveActiveActiveActive bck
eau N/MActiveActiveActiveActive eau
epsilon N/MActiveActiveActiveActive epsilon
far N/MActiveActiveActiveActive far
jetson N/MActiveActiveActiveActive jetson
jonah N/MActiveActiveActiveActive jonah
las N/MActiveActiveActiveActive las
lizzie N/MActiveActiveActiveActive lizzie
mail31 N/MN/MActiveActiveActive mail31
ns1 ActiveN/MN/MN/MN/M 
ns2 ActiveN/MN/MN/MN/M 
rac N/MActiveActiveActiveActive rac
srv01 N/MActiveActiveActiveActive srv01
srv02 N/MActiveActiveActiveActive srv02
srv04 N/MActiveActiveActiveActive srv04
srv05 N/MActiveActiveActiveActive srv05
srv06 N/MActiveActiveActiveActive srv06
srv10 N/MActiveActiveActiveActive srv10
vorlon N/MActiveActiveActiveActive vorlon

Legend:     Service Up     Service Down    N/M – Not Monitored.